Why Expungement?

Record expungement is available for those convicted of a crime or arrested for allegedly committing a crime. Everything from a felony to a petty misdemeanor can be cleared from your supposedly permanent record through a record expungement.  If you have any sort of conviction or arrest on your record, it is important that you have it cleared as quickly as possible.  A criminal record has the potential to disrupt nearly every aspect of your life.  It is awfully difficult to obtain employment, an apartment lease or a professional licensing with a criminal record.  In some cases, even an arrest for such a crime can haunt you for the rest of your life.  Let’s take a look at the many ways in which a record expungement can improve your quality of life. 


The vast majority of employers have strict policies against hiring those who have a criminal conviction.  Even an arrest for an alleged felony has the potential to make it difficult to find employment.  Lean on our record expungement attorney to clear your record and you will rest easy knowing your past mistakes or alleged mistakes will not preclude you from obtaining gainful employment.  Once your conviction is fully expunged by our legal team, it will be unlawful for any prospective employer to refuse employment, terminate you, prevent a promotion or discriminate in any other manner. 

A clean criminal record is especially important for employment with state and federal government agencies.  Whether you would like to push paper as a government bureaucrat or serve as a law enforcement officer, you will find it is difficult to obtain employment if your criminal record has even one black mark.  The bottom line is government agencies and other employers have every right to view your criminal record before extending an offer of employment.  Do not invest your time and effort applying for open positions unless your criminal record is fully expunged.


All sorts of different professionals are subjected to state licensing requirements. From real estate brokers to accountants, nurses and beyond, professionals in numerous fields must pass a criminal background check in order to qualify for licensing in the state of California.  If you are seeking such a professional license, a felony conviction on your record will likely cause the license to be withheld.  This is a grave injustice as most of those who apply for state licensing to work as a professional are highly qualified candidates.  As soon as the felony conviction is eliminated from your record, it will be illegal for a state licensing agency to refuse to issue or renew the license required to work in regulated professions.


Let our attorneys work on your behalf to fully expunge your record and you will enjoy the right to own a firearm.  Otherwise, there is the potential for your criminal record to preclude you from owning a gun indefinitely.  You deserve the right to protect yourself and your loved ones, regardless of your past troubles.  Have your record expunged and you will rest easy, knowing you will be able to own a gun for self-defense as long as you keep your record clean from here on out.


Protecting your name and reputation is one of the best reasons to have your criminal record expunged.  Our record expungement attorneys will clear your record and restore your good name to ensure the general public cannot find out about what happened in the past.  Once your prior criminal conviction is removed from official county and state records, the general public will not be able to look up your convictions or arrests. 

Take a moment to think about the peace of mind provided by such a record expungement.  An expungement liberates you to interact with others without worrying about whether they will look you up on the web and find out about alleged transgressions that occurred years or even decades ago.  Have your record expunged and you will no longer have to invest time and energy thinking about whether people you meet or befriend will find out about what happened in the past. The little bit of money required to expunge your record is well worth it considering the innumerable benefits from this process.  


Your civil rights will be restored after your expungement is granted.  Those with clear records are provided with the right to vote.  Furthermore, a record expungement opens the door for you to hold public office should you decide politics is in your future.


Record expungement requests are often made by youngsters worried about their diminished life chances following a conviction or arrest.  A juvenile record really can make it difficult or even impossible to be admitted to a college.  A mistake made in your youth should not preclude you from obtaining a college degree. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of all colleges, universities and trade schools examine applicants’ criminal records when determining whether to extend an offer of admission.  Let our record expungement attorneys clear your record and colleges will find it difficult, if not impossible, to view convictions or arrests of any type.  Concealing such negative information dramatically improves your chances of admission to the college program of your choice.

Even if you are admitted to college with a black mark on your record, the conviction will make it difficult to obtain student loans.  As an example, those convicted of a sex offense and subsequently sentenced to jail cannot obtain Pell Grants to offset the exorbitant cost of higher education.  The majority of scholarships offered by colleges, universities, private parties and nonprofit organizations mandate the applicant has a clean record.  Nearly every student who attends college needs student loans to cover the cost of tuition, room, board, books and living expenses.  Those saddled by one or several criminal convictions will likely have to foot the entire cost of the college experience or the majority of this cost on their own.  Paying for the full cost of college is nearly impossible considering the fact that four-year colleges typically cost between $10,000 and $35,000 per year on average.


Though it is incredibly unfair, convicted criminals often pay more for auto insurance and varieties of personal insurance.  You should not have to pay more than another person to insure your automobile, home or life simply because you made a mistake in your past.  Let our legal team expunge your record and you will finally pay fair insurance rates. Lower insurance rates make it that much easier to save money, invest or simply enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived.


A criminal record or even an arrest has the potential to ruin your social life.  Anyone from a family member to a co-worker, potential romantic flame, friend or other party can find out about your criminal record.  Anyone with a few spare moments and a web-connected computer can find out about your criminal record with a simple online search query.  Have your record expunged and you will no longer have to worry about the potential impact the conviction has on relationships with others.


Landlords are well within their rights to perform background checks on prospective tenants.  If a prospective landlord finds out you have a conviction or have been arrested for allegedly violating the law, he or she can deny your application for tenancy.  There is no sense researching local apartments, filling out applications, paying application fees and taking other measures to find a place to live if landlords will inevitably deny tenancy. 

Though it is certainly possible to eventually find a landlord willing to rent an apartment to you even though you have a criminal conviction, it will take a Herculean effort to make it happen.  Furthermore, even if you can find a landlord agreeable to renting a property to you, the apartment will likely be located in an impoverished area rife with violent crime and substandard living conditions.  The better option is to expunge your record so landlords, employers and others cannot discriminate against you for a mistake made in the past.


Those who have children should understand a criminal record has the potential to make it difficult or even impossible to obtain custody of loved ones.  It is even possible for a criminal record to limit visitation rights.  The court’s logic in preventing those with a criminal conviction from parenting or even visiting their children is that it is not in the child’s best interest to spend time around an individual with a criminal past.  Furthermore, parents with a history of alcohol addiction, drug addiction or domestic violence might find the court denies the request for custody. 

If visitation is permitted, the court might mandate that this time spent with children is fully supervised.  The court examines multiple factors before determining if your criminal record has any relevancy.  As an example, the judge will consider everything from the date of conviction to the degree of punishment and if it is a first offense or repeat offense.  If the conviction is relatively recent or if you are a repeat offender, there is a good chance the judge will bar you from obtaining custody of your loved ones.  Though there is no guarantee the judge will invest time and effort researching your criminal record, it is certainly possible the other parent will raise the issue during custody hearings. 

Do not roll the dice hoping the judge does not delve into your past. There is no sense hoping your former significant other glosses over the issue at court hearings.  The unfortunate truth is a parent’s criminal record or even a prior arrest without a subsequent conviction will be considered when child custody is determined.  Your best option is to have your prior transgression(s) fully expunged from your criminal record.  The small amount of money you pay our record expungement attorney to have your transgression expunged has the potential to reconnect you with your kids for the rest of your life.


Those convicted of specific crimes will no longer be able to travel to another country.  Though it is hard to believe, plenty of countries outside of the United States will refuse admission to those who have even a minor black mark on their criminal record.  The logic in preventing entry to those with a criminal conviction is that such individuals might be inclined to stir up trouble when away from their home nation.  An in-depth screening process takes place before visitors convicted of crimes are allowed to cross a foreign nation’s borders.  Furthermore, if you ever decide to permanently move out of the United States, a criminal conviction or even an arrest noted on your record will make it nearly impossible to become obtain citizenship. 

As an example, the Canadian government turns way countless people form admission into Canada based on prior convictions.  Something as simple as an offense related to alcohol can preclude you from visiting our neighbor to the north.  It does not matter if you have been convicted of a crime yourself or if you are a passenger in a vehicle of someone with a conviction; the Canadian government will refuse entry to everyone in your party if even one member of your group has a felony or misdemeanor conviction.  Furthermore, foreign governments do not care how long ago the transgression occurred.  Even if your conviction occurred decades ago when you were a rambunctious teen or twenty-something, governments around the world are well within their rights to refuse entry as well as citizenship. 

It might be possible to apply for special permission from the country in question yet this process is time-consuming, costly and frustrating.  There is no sense applying for special permission over and over again each time you would like to leave the United States.  Opt for a record expungement and those prior convictions will be removed from your record for good so you can travel across the globe without restriction. 


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